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About us

Learn more about our products and principles by which we want to inspire our customers and channel partners. We are a young dynamic company that has set itself the main task to set new trends in the field of interior decoration. Even before our formation we were fascinated of wall surfaces, which give every room an impressive atmosphere We asked ourselves, what options are offered by the market, quick and easy to set stylish accents for the own living rooms. On the Internet and at trade shows, we came across the most diverse products. Our research showed that natural stones, concrete, plaster, fiberglass and plastics are popular components of such wall design elements. But a substance made us very attentive in terms of its development and application: polyurethane. We soon realized its many advantages and application possibilities in different areas of daily life. For this reason, we offer individual, high-quality, all-purpose polyurethane panel solutions that lend a unique atmosphere to each room.


Our Goal

The aim of decopanels is to be able to offer a product with constantly high quality in the market and to create, above all style and design distinctive to the needs of our customers. To continuously improve the quality of our products, we are investing in new innovative manufacturing process that will allow us to produce more and cost effective. These technological and mechanical investments allow us to stay to our competitors one step ahead. The mix of excellent and professional service with high quality products makes us unique in the market.